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Edward James: Builder of Dreams
Surreal Eden: Edward James & Las Pozas
Las Pozas : Steps & Falls
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Edward James: Builder of Dreams
Edward James: Builder of Dreams

A  film by Avery Danziger
one hour award winning documentary
(with Spanish subtitles)

"Look, we move among a bunch of 'pseudo-realists', who.... produce nothing but junk. So, they try to act like madmen to justify themselves. On the other hand, you who are real labor to act sane....."
Salvador Dali to Edward James

This film takes you on an extraordinary journey into the world of the Surrealists as the life and accomplishments of the surrealist collector, poet, and architect Edward James unfolds. For the last 20 years of his life, aided by 40 full time laborers and craftmen, he built one of the biggest and yet least known architectural monuments of the 20th century,dedicated to Surrealism and hidden in the jungles of Mexico. He created over 36 extraordinary concrete structures, some over 100 feet high, at a personal cost exceeding 5 million dollars.

Cine "Golden Eagle" (1996)
"Chris" award (Arts and Culture)
Columbus International Film Festival, Ohio (1995)
"Bronze Apple" Nat'l Educational Media Network (1996)
Metropolitan Museum of Art Film Program (1997)


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Surreal Eden: Edward James & Las Pozas
Surreal Eden: Edward James & Las Pozas

Written by Maragret Hooks

Surreal Eden is about the surrealist collector, architect, poet and patron of Dalí and Magritte who built 'Las Pozas' a homage to surrealism on a swathe of rainforest in Mexico. A gripping account of a strange sojurn, wherein a frustrated artist attempts to build an earthly paradise and ends up creating an outstanding work of art.

Photographs by Sally Mann, Mike Schuyt and others....

What reviewers say:
"Surreal Eden' does what many good art biographies and histories do: remind us of what gets forgotten and left out of 'official' canons."

James's architectural art had no use beyond its own fantastic forms. It was both process and spectacle, and inspiration for inspiration."
The New York Times

".....a visually luscious book, the art writer ... Margaret Hooks provides a monument to James's fantastical life and works and a blueprint for his subconscious ..."
Vogue Living

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Las Pozas : Steps & Falls
Las Pozas : Steps & Falls

by Robert Ziebell and Anthony Thompson Shumate

Las Pozas: Steps and Falls is an interactive virtual tour of the fantastical surrealist garden created by the iconoclastic British aristocrat and poet Edward James (1907-1984). A visionary patron and friend of the European surrealist artists, James supported projects by Salvador Dáli and sat for portraits by René Magritte and Man Ray while also amassing a major collection of surrealist art. In the late 1940s James moved to Mexico where, over a twenty-year period, aided by his friend and collaborator Plutarco Gastélum, as well as a score of local craftsmen, he built architectural “follies” next to a cascading waterfall and several pools in a forty acre tropical rain forest site. This interactive DVD-ROM (for Mac or PC) contains over twenty 360º virtual tour Panoramas with links to video clips that allow the exploration of this mysterious and fascinating Garden of Eden. LAS POZAS is located in the Sierra Madre mountain village of Xilitla, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

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