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Texas Monthly MagazineIn a rain forest in Mexico lies a wilderness fantasy called Las Pozas, where concrete flowers bloom in profusion, unfinished stairways spiral into the treetops, and waterfalls fill secret pools -- All a day's drive from the Texas border."
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One man's fantasy stands tall in a jungle in Mexico
One man's fantasy stands tall in a jungle in MexicoWe jounce for five hours in a pickup truck heading west from Tampico over the dusty Mexican plain to the Sierra Madre, up and up into a green world-peaks as sudden as the mountains of Moorea, tree-covered jagged ranges huge enough to be the molars of God, past coffee plantations, ramping bougainvillea, banana trees, crashing streams-and on to the very top, through the steep hilltop town of Xilitla to reach at last the hidden city that Edward James, the eccentric British Surrealist, built in the deepest jungle, a swirling dream in concrete, a fantasy of shapes that marries Gaudi, Escher, Borromini, Simon Rodia and the Emerald City of Oz. "
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